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    DataGrid limit on amount of records or data?


      Im using flex with a hibernate backend.
      I have tables in a db that Id like to show using Datagrid.
      I have done tests and found that there is a limit to the number of
      records shown in the datagrid.

      Is this a limitation of the datagrid?
      How do I get around this?

      I currently am able to show around 5000 records.
      When I have tables of say 10000 or 100000 records, how do I show them?

      Kind regards.
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          Ratsnackbar Level 2
          Wow! That's a lot of records on one grid. You are going to want to start paging your data.

          The short answer is only pass in as many records as you can reasonably View in your grid. Cache the rest on the server in a queue waiting for retrieval.

          When the user scrolls down close to the last record (say within 25 records from the end of the loaded records) you can be removing a chunk of records from the top of the dataprovider and moving them into a shared object or other storage for easy retrieval and at the same time downloading more records from the queue cached on the server.

          Not the HOW portion of how you do that depends greatly on the technology you use on the server and unfortunately I have no experience with Hibernate. Sorry. Still as long as you know how to cache a query on the server it should not be too hard. Think of it like an automated Next N interface for your grid.

          Much faster load times also as you are never sending fewer records to your grid at any one time.