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    My books wont transfer


      I boght a book on the bookdepository and downloaded it on digital edition. i jsut got a new laptop and need to mvoe that book there so I figured sense its linked with my digital edition account it would transfer too but it didnt. it says i have no books on my account on my laptop when my pc says i have it. so i tried to transfer the pdf from one pc to the other and when i oppen that pdf it opens digital edition and than it dosnt display anyhting.

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          If you used your PC utilities to do the ebook transfer, then ADE can import

          the ebook into its library.  Locate the ebook, so you know where it is,

          then open ADE.  In Library mode, put your cursor on the small arrow next to

          the word 'Library'.  A drop-down menu will appear.  Choose 'Add Item To

          Library' from that menu and you will start a series of screens where you

          tell ADE where the ebook is.


          Hope this helps!