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    Topics lose stylesheet in topic list

    Kurt V.

      Hi folks,

      Some weeks ago, I updated from RH8 to RH9 (now:; Windows 7 Pro 64bit). I don't know if this matters, but I'm mentioning it anyway: in the morning, I have to check out my project from the Team Foundation Server (Microsoft Visual Studio); after that, I work locally and have all the files on my C drive. In the evening, I check in the project.

      Now, I noticed that, when I create a new topic (and it does not matter whether I create a new one or duplicate from a existing one), I always use a master page which contains a certain stylesheet. And these things are always correct after creating, and in the topic list, the name of the stylesheet is shown in the column "Stylesheet". However, when I open the project the next day, all the newly created topics have lost their stylesheet in the topic list, and ONLY in the topic list. When I open the properties of such a topic, it always shows the correct master page as well as the correct stylesheet! As soon as I change something in one of these "crippled" topics and save it, the name of the stylesheet reappears magically in the topic list! And that's what I do now every morning: i add a space, delete it and save the topic, and then the name of the stylesheet is there again!

      Unfortunately, the list of the topics without stylesheets grows every day, because every topic I create now in RH9 suffers from this syndrome. Strange enough, the properties I defined in the stylesheet still seem to apply, even the name of the stylesheet is not shown.

      Does anybody have an idea, what could possibly cause this strange behaviour? And how could I solve this? Does it matter if the name of the stylesheet is not shown in the topic list, as long as the stylesheet (and the master page) are shown correctly in the properties of the topic?

      Your help is much appreciated.


      Cheers from Switzerland,




      UPDATE: I have found out that in RH9 I had not checked the box "delete project cache (cpd file) before opening projects". So, I checked this box and now the name of stylesheet does not disappear anymore!