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    GPU Upgrade

    Ian_T07 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I have the following config :


      Coolermater HAF X

      1000w Corsair PSU

      Asus P6X58D mobo

      Intel i7 970 Gulftown processor

      Corsair DDR3 - 24mb total memory

      GPU - Asus GE Force GTX 480

      Dell U2711 27" monitor

      LG Full HD TV monitor

      Windows 7 Pro 64 bit


      I am running CS6 - Production Premium. Editing HDV footage and compiling a lot of After Effects projects as well.


      I am thinking of upgrading the GPU, but I'm not sure which one is the best for compatibility. Would a 4mb GTX 680 from Gainward provide a significant benefit over the GTX 480? Will it function optimally with the Asus mobo?


      If I do upgrade, the 480 will be transfered to a new PC build.


      Any advice would be most appreciated.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I believe there is a natural tendency to always improve a new build in comparison to the existing build, so I have some difficulty understanding:


          If I do upgrade, the 480 will be transfered to a new PC build.


          The Gainward 4 GB GTX 680 is a great card, based on the specs. I intend to buy it as well and just like you, I currently have a GTX 480.


          However, I am in the process of building a new system and keeping my current configuration in tact. So I will be adding the 680 to the new system. But don't expect huge performance gains. They will be marginal at best, but the main advantages of the 680 are lower energy consumption and thus less noise and the possibility of steering up to 4 monitors.


          See: Adobe Forums: Planning / building a new system. Part 1

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            Ian_T07 Level 1

            Thanks Harm


            The 'new' PC is not specifically for editing/AE, more like Photoshop and other apps. I would have ordered a lower spec GPU, but then I thought, before ordering the components for a new PC, I might deploy the 480 into that and get a 680 for the existing config, but only if it was compatible and there would be a decent gain in performance. If your advice is the gain is only marginal, then I will order the lower powered GPU for the new machine.