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    The aspect ratio of this file is not supported by DVD - Encore CS6

    The Jive Aces Level 1

      I have a DVD project with 2 timelines. One timeline has 7 videos and one has 3.


      When i "check" the project it has no errors however when I build the project to either disc or folder it comes up with the error:


      PGC "Music Videos" has an error at 332.8400s.
      The aspect ratio of this file is not supported by DVD. - PGC info: name =
      Music Video, ref = Jpgc, time = 332.8400s


      Additional info on the above; "Music Videos" is the name of the timline and 332.84s is the time at the end of the first video asset and the beginning of the second so it's possibly something to do with that asset however I have tried reencoding it several times and using different video files to no avail.


      I have seen other people get the same error but the reason normally is because there is a small gap of empty space before the firs video and the error appears at 0s or 0.4 s or something which is not the case here. There are also no gaps between the first and second video either.


      Anyone that is able to help  I will gladly send you a cpoy of our finished album and accompanying DVD (the one I am attempting to make here) for my band (http://www.jiveaces.com)!


      Using a Macbook Pro with Lion (up to date) and Encore CS6.