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    Help with Starling for flash cs6


      Hey guys, i've posted here a bit lately, sorry.


      I'm at a loss for tutorials for the starling framework for Flash CS6.


      There are a lot of tutorials out there for Flash Builder but not for CS. (Hsharma was interesting and helped me understand but I'm having a lot of trouble transfering these turorials to Flash CS6..)


      My main issue, all I really want to do with starling is use a sprite sheet to create a small looped animation and move it around the screen.


      I think if I figured that out in Flash CS6, everything else would fall into place. I actually just don't understand how to access assets like sprite sheets in my flash games library and turn them into sprites on stage with as3/starling. ( I understand how to export the actual sprite sheet/ accompanying data just not putting it into action)


      Thank you very much,


      Mark D