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    Font In flex 4.1 with different Unicode ranges

    WaelBaidousee Level 1


      I have problem in fonts with different Unicode ranges,

      where I have spark label which will contain English and Unicode characters.

      so I want the English characters to take font 'NeoTechMedium.TTF' and the Unicode to take the font 'GE_Dinar_One_Medium.otf'. so What I did that I created 2 embedded fonts with same font family and different Unicode ranges as following :


      @font-face {

                src: url("/assets/Fonts/GE_Dinar_One_Medium.otf");

                fontFamily: TestFont;








      @font-face {

                src: url("/assets/Fonts/NeoTechMedium.TTF");

                fontFamily: TestFont;

                unicode-range: U+0020-U+007E;





      and then I created a CSS class with font-family as following






                fontFamily:                     TestFont;

                font-size:          20px;

                color:                              #642b7f;





      and then I gave the label stylename =LiveSupport



      <s:Label text="MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMسيسيسيسيس" styleName="LiveSupport"/>



      but what happened that, the font was applying only to the unicode characters and for English characters nothing happened.



      also I found that, if I changed the fonts order  by put  English font first, the English characters take the font and the Unicode characters lose the font.

      so what is the problem here and how I can fix it.

      please any help or hint.

      thanks in advance.