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    Why does "Print Booklet" from Indesign CS5.5 only create low res pdf? How do I get High Res for Offs


      Long time ID user in Agency. Created a simple 4 page brochure in CS5.5 ID. Facing pages for cust size 11x17 half fold document.


      Generating the pdf for Press and HQ Print renders a nice high res document, but the print booklet feature only produces a skinny low res version. Tried to mess with the printer settings, but the result is the same with a skinny low res document.


      I didn't want to recreate the brochure as a two page manually imposed as I like the option of being able to add more pages in increments of four of course. Plus it's just silly to do that when ID is supposed to handle it for me.


      I worked around it this time by printing to .ps output then distilling, and then splitting the document so printer could have a "front" and "back" 11x17. But this seems kludged big time. This has to be a bug unless I am missing something.