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    Vertical Responses?


      Somehow I got my responses into a vertical layout.  How do I change it back to horizontal?

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          Todd Rein Level 3



          Perhaps you've turned on "detail view"?  If so, you can turn it off by going to the View | Detail View menu.


          Also, it's possible you accidentally resized your columns to have a small width.  If so, you can try clicking the upper left corner of the table, that will select all cells at once, then move the cursor in between the first and second columns - you should see a resize cursor when you do that.  Then press the mouse button down and move to the left to resize the column to something bigger.  Then release the mouse button.  Since you have all cells selected, it will resize all columns at once.




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            ronilynnmood Level 1

            That is exactly what I did!  I Resize the columns.  Thank you so much for helping me.  The forms are much easier to read now!