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    "Movie not loaded..." in CS6


      I recently updated both my OS and Flash Pro CS6 and started experiencing this strange issue.  Whenever I try to publish an FLA to player 10 or higher, I get a white window.  The window is the correct size of the swf, changing the background does not change the colour in the window and no content ever shows up.  I tried this with a blank FLA which contains nothing but scribbles and absolutely no code - same problem occurs.  Right clicking in the window I get a context menu with 3 disabled item:

      1. Movie not loaded...
      2. Show Redraw Regions
      3. Debugger


      The SWF is actually generated and I can run it by double clicking or opening in browser.  The SWF works as expected outside of the IDE.  If I publish to flash player 9 or lower, everything works fine, even in the IDE.


      Out of desparation I have uninstalled and cleaned up Flash CS6 off my machine.  I also uninstalled Flash Player completely.  I then reinstalled Flash Pro CS6 with the Adobe Application Manager and installed the latest update.  The OS is also completely up to date.


      Flash Pro CS6 v12.0.0.481


      Mac OSX 10.7.4 (11E53)

      2.8 GHz Intel Core i5

      12 GB 1067 MHz DDR3


      The OS update that I believe may be responsible for this problem was installed on July 3rd, 2012

      Java for OS X 2012-004 (v1.0)


      Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

      Please help.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          yes, i encountered, what i believe, was the same issue about 2 weeks ago with windows vista and flash pro cs6.   when trying to test in the ide, nothing was compiled and no content was loaded into the test environment.


          the test window was titled "movie not loaded" or "swf not loaded", something i'd never seen or heard of before.


          i reinstalled flash cs6 which did not help.  i rolled back my os and that solved the problem.

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            I am also having this problem -- what appears to be after a system update on MAC OS 10.7.4.


            When publishing I just get a blank screen.


            If I display the bandwidth profiler, I see a "Movie Not Loaded" message.


            Adobe help!

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              JackRont Level 1

              I have found a workaround while Adobe works on a fix.  You can publish the movie in debug mode cmd+shift+enter.  This works most of the time and is definitely not a solution to the real problem.


              Hope that helps.


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                NAlbuquerque Level 1

                Thanks, the work around works for now -- it's much slower than the standard publish method.

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                  arao2k6 Level 2

                  I have the exact same setup ( 10.7.4 ). i am not seeing this happening on my Mac.


                  Anything specific hardware changes or drivers that have been installed ?


                  FLA are working fine on Flash CS6 in 10.7.4 .

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                    sabird Level 1

                    I am having the same problem, but I am on Mac OX 10.6.8 10K549 with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. 


                    My Flash CS5 seemed to become corrupted yesterday, failing to render anything in the edit window, and failing to export a .swf file.  So I bit the bullet and signed up for the Creative Cloud.  I got Flash CS6 running, which seemed to fix the immediate problem, but now I'm having the exact problem everyone else is describing. 


                    I have not installed any system update concurrent with this problem.  I need to get a .swf file to my client tomorrow.  Any help?  Thanks. 

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                      sabird Level 1

                      Unfortunately for me, my project requires the ExternalInterface class, which doesn't play well with debug mode.  I can comment out those lines of code and things seem to work, but then it won't work with my client's site. 


                      Also, more generally, I believe the debug movie creates a larger .swf file, no?

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                        JackRont Level 1

                        The only thing I can recommend is publishing the SWF like you normally would.  It will appear blank in the IDE, but you can run it in any browser to view the content.  You'll need a debug tool to see any traces if that's necessary (Vizzy or FlashFireBug will do the trick).  I'm not entirely sure, but you may need to run the build off localhost in order to get ExternalInterface to clear the security restrictions.


                        Just as an update to my issue.  I've upgraded to Mountain Lion and it made absolutely no difference.  Could you guys please report this bug to Adobe or leave comments in my report to get them to notice it.




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                          sabird Level 1

                          Mine seems to have mysteriously fixed itself over the last 24 hours.  I've made no changes in that time, so who knows why?

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                            We just recently purchased CS6 and we're experiencing pretty much the same issue.  Though, in one case, the movie file (which is in AS3) will publish or preview in a browser without issue, but within the Flash IDE, the window appears blank and i get an error message "Error opening URL" and naming the file and it's assumed location.  Also, the window dimensions do not match that of the published movie


                            In the other case, the window appears matching the dimensions of the flash movie I'm working with, also blank but no error message appears.


                            Same situation as the rest. 

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                              I have had the same issue for the last few days now.


                              The issue was caused by Chrome FireBug, I have disabled + removed and now my Ctrl+Enter works again.


                              Hope this helps someone out, happy coding

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                                I updated to latest Flash Player 11.5 and now my Flash publish works as normal




                                i am also having this problem, all of a sudden. Nothing has changed on my system so I'm not sure how this started as I have been running CS6 for about 2 weeks now... with Chrome Firebug enabled. I removed that and it did not fix the issue. I'm a disappointed that no one from Adobe has addressed this issue yet.


                                i guess i'll have to publish in debug mode or test on browser :|

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                                  Hope this be helpful to someone. Some context: while I was debugging a web page, I downgraded Flash Player from 11 to 9 (uninstalling the player 11 and installing the Flash Debugging Player 9). After that any atempt to publish from Flash IDE to Player greater than 9 results in a blank screen, i also get the "Movie not loaded" warning in the context menu (right clicking over the blank stage). Tried a lot of things without any luck. The issue was fixed for me after uninstall the player again, and removed all files and folders related to the player, even those that the uninstaller doesen't seems to get rid of, wich are:


                                  ~\Library\Preferences\Macromedia\Flash Player\

                                  ~\Library\Caches\Adobe\Flash Player\


                                  Also, i deleted a couple of files named mm.cfg and mm_backup.cfg, founded in the root of my User directory.


                                  After restart Flash, publishing movies works again...



                                  Flash Pro CS6 v12.0.2.529

                                  Mac OSX 10.7.5

                                  2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

                                  8 GB 1066 MHz DDR3

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                                    Thanks @davidabrown. This fixed the problem for me too.

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                                      I had the same issue, I diabled Chrome FireBug, restarted everything and hey presto! It worked for me! Thanks for sharing!

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                                        if you have firebug, go to C:\Users\yourname

                                        delete this line:

                                        PreloadSwf=C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8t2156br.default-135 2497718816\extensions\flashfirebug@o-minds.com\chrome\content\flashfirebug.swf

                                        from mm.cfg

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