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    How to extend flash player session timeout?

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      We have a set of FlexUnit tests that are taking a long time to complete (there are a LOT of tests in the suite).  After about an hour, the standalone flash player pops up a message warning that the session is about to time out - here is the content of the pop-up:


      Session time-out

      Due to inactivity, your session will time out in


        1 minutes 30 seconds


      Do you want to continue your session or log off?


      Obviously, this is an unattended CI system - no one is there to click the "Continue" button.  The tests continue to run, but the countdown reaches zero first.  At that point a second pop-up is presented that says:


      An error has occurred. Please contact your system administrator.



      Error: Timeout URL is null at <stacktrace>


      Some time after this, the tests complete, and are successful.  However, the player window hangs and does not close.  This is the problem - as the flexunit Ant task never completes. I need for the player to close! 


      So in order to give the tests enough time to run without causing a session timeout (and hung player), I need to set the flash player to use a longer value for its session timeout.  How can this be done?