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    Adobe Upgrade Has Messed UP My PC!


      OK. I'm venting here. I upgraded that latest Adobe and Flash. Ever since, it's been nothing but problems. First, all videos were messed up. I either had audio and no video, or video and no audio. Half of the flash games wouldn't play. Then, none of the videos would play in high definition or good quality. All the video quality was like back in the 90's.


      UNinstalled everything, all the Adobe and Flash, and re-installed. Cleared all history and cookies, ran my Piriformer and my defrag. Scanned everyhting with AVG.


      Well, that fixed the video/audio problem, but not all the video quality. Then, if Im watching any video and move my mouse cursor off the video, and try to scroll, I crash! Every flipping time! I can not even use my mouse if a video is playing or it crashes.


      The play and pause buttons on the videos, if I even take the cursor over them, the Adobe Has Crashed Pop up opens and tells me to send a crash report and then Windows iopens and tells me I've crashed and they are looking for a solution to the problem.


      And I use color tabs from Firefox adons. Never had a problem. Now, since the upgrade, I try to open another tab, and a ******** million tabs open! Then I'll crash again.


      I use AVG, I use Firefox, I use Piriform and their defragger. I use NO Scripts.


      MY computer work awesome, perfect, no problem until this new upgrade.


      But, if I un-install it, I can't watch half the videos, or play 99% of the games I like.


      I've tried searching al the forums looking for solutions and nothing has worked.


      I tried calling Adobe Customer Service. HA! What a joke! No matter what # or * I get te same flipping set of options which just keeps repeating.


      There isn't even a decent e-mail for custom complaint or problem to report bugs! The only ones I've found give my "choose from one of these" options.

      So anyway. I hate Adobe now. It's really messed up my computer.

      Does anyone, anyone at all, anywhere, have any suggestions? Or is there not another type of software I can run instead of using Adobe and Flash?

      I'm about readdy to wipe my computer and give it away.

      Thanks people.

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          adobe flash forced me to do an update and broke my laptop.  had to buy a new operating system because computers don't come with software anymore and i never made a back up disc.  now I am having problems using the internet and it keeps freezing up and videos are glitchy most of the time or freeze ever since I was forced to do another update on adobe flash.  customer service is a joke and you would be better off throwing your computer out the window and buying a new one or reinstalling your OS.  too bad there are no other programs I could use or I would.  would love to sue these dumb***   people who keep making a terrible program that does nothing but cause you problems.