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    (CS6) Error during render: "Internal Verification failure, sorry!{could not find itemframe we now..

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      I've updated to CS6 since last week, but since then I'm getting the weirdest error when rendering. I recieve the error with different projects,compositions and render settings.



      • Windows 7 X64
      • After Effects CS6
      • Intel Core i7 3930k
      • Nvidia GTX 550ti
      • 32GB Ram
      • Multiprocessing is ON


      The error message: "After Effects error: internal verification failure, sorry! {could not find itemframe we just now checked in}"


      But there is more to it; after recieving this error, i tried to empty the disk cache(for some reason unknow to me I thought the problem would be there), but when doing so After Effects just freezes, won't shut down, won't exit (not even using the taskmanger, with either 'end task' or 'end process') Yes that is right, after effects won't even close when using the end process button in the task manger...


      It gets even better still: When I try to manually delete the disk cache folder on my (seperate) SSD. The windows explorer dialog box just hangs on 'discovering files for deletion' (or something like that). If I try to exit te dialog box, explorer freezes. The only way to get out of this mess seems to be a HARD reset (because just resetting my computer from windows will hang it, because windows is trying to close all the programs and after effects just won't die).


      After a reset of my computer, the manual deletion of the disk cache folder goes without problem. After deleting the folder, and booting up AE I can render out my composition without any errors at all.


      Dying for some help here, I can duplicate this problem any time you like , if you need more specifications or otherwise, please let me know.



      With regards,



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