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    Problem with 3D sphere in Photoshop Extended CS6

    carolgunn Level 1

      Here is a still from what will be a trade show video. The problem is that the longitudinal lines are a bit wobbly, especially near the poles, for instance in the top right quadrant, between the orange and yellow earplugs.


      I created a new 3D object with the preset sphere from a layer that is a grid of my client's products.  As the sphere rotates, the black edges of the grid straighten out as they come around to the front, and then get wobbly again as they approach the edge of the sphere. At first, I made the black part of the grid from a bitmap mask (which had caused a problem in an earlier 3D file) but no, same problem when I made the grid from a vector mask.


      Pretty sure it is not a hardware issue as I have gone thru all the optimization steps for using the Mercury Graphics Engine on my quad-core iMac 27" with a supported video card, and the latest version of OSX.


      Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?



      --Carol Gunn

      Gunn Graphics

      Austin, TX 78741