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    Multiple Site?????

      I have a web server that is currently set to host one website through the web publishing server. I need to set up additional sites. So currently I have:

      http://www.mysite.com (using template design A)

      I need to add:
      http://new1.mysite.com (using template design B) and http://new2.mysite.com (using template design C)

      Each site is set up independent in IIS.

      I can not figure out how to set up multiple sites using the contribute control panel. Instructions in the knowledge base allude to the ability to do so but is not clear at all.


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          Andy, you have to start with creating a new connection to the site as an administrator. I would assume the ftp information is different.
          Use the connection info to the new site, that you would use were you building it using a regular web dev program.
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            Good luck. I don't think it will do what they advertise. All I have is one web site with multiple sub domains and I cannot get it to post the same web page to all of the sub domains, now you want what? They are just going to respond with a whole lot of technical jargon on why you can't rather than telling you how. We are on our own dude. What you want to do is possible I am sure, but they are not gong to tell you how. You bought it and don't know how to drive it, that is your problem not Adobes. You can pay to go to school though and they will teach you, maybe? Or better yet we have another program for sell that may do it for you.