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    InDesign files take long to open when clicking file icon


      Ok, I have a weird problem with a Windows XP machine running InDesign CS6. Whenever the user tries to open an .INDD document by double-clicking the file icon itself, it takes 3-5 minutes, literally, before the document will open. This is with InDesign running already. It happens with .indd files on servers, locally on the desktop, files with content & links, and even completely new & blank documents.


      However, if the user simply drags the file into InDesign, it will open up right away. No problem.


      This behavior is not being seen on other WinXP machines, nor is it being seen when trying to open other documents in other applications (i.e. MS Word) on this particular computer.


      Any ideas? This machine had Windows XP and Adobe CS6 reinstalled from scratch yesterday.