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    JW Player or Vimeo


      I'm sorry if this question is misplaced, but I'm not sure where else to ask.


      I'm looking for advice from people that have embedded video with JW Player and with Vimeo (separately, not Vimeo within JW Player).  I currently have h.264/mp4 videos hosted on my server, embedded on my site using the JW Player.  I originally encoded them at 5 Mb/s, but some of the people i asked to test the download could not download smoothly.  I then tried 2.5 Mb/s and the "testers" on a wireless b/g connection couldn't keep up.  Of course I want the best possbile quality that each person's connection can handle.  So I'm wondering if would be best to either:


      A. Upload lower bitrate versions and install the JW Player "bitrate switching" code to adjust to their connections.


      B. Get a Vimeo Plus account and embed links from Vimeo.


      (YouTube is not an option because I want the videos to be viewable only in the password-protected area of my site.  And I personally have more technical trouble watching YouTube videos than Vimeo videos).


      For some reason I kinda don't trust the JW Player to handle more complicated coding (adding the bitrate switching parameters).  But that's mostly because I'm not a programmer by trade and may have trouble fixing any problems that pop up.  But if it worked, I could at least encode and upload any bitrates that I wanted.  I trust the Vimeo embedding to go more smoothly, but from what I can tell, Vimeo will only server the video at two rates--"HD" and "SD".  I can't find exactly what bitrates Vimeo is serving for each setting, but their "SD" quality seems like a big drop from their "HD" quality.


      Any insight can help.  Thanks.