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    Dual GPU Cards


      I have 2 GEforce GTX 680's installed with 2 GB of VRAM each.  In the Adobe docs, it says....


      "If you have multiple GPUs installed, the GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer will use the CUDA cores on all of them, as long as they are of the same CUDA compute level. (See the technical specifications of your GPU for its CUDA compute level.) After Effects will also use all of the VRAM on the installed GPUs, with the caveat that both cards will be treated as if they each have the amount of VRAM on the card with the lesser amount of VRAM."


      But in the After Effects preferences, it sees the 2 cards but only saying 2 GB of RAM is available.  Anyone have any idea?  I tried this with and without SLI being enabled in the NVIDIA control panel.