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    Why Does InDesign “Custom Page Size” Document Print Incorrectly?




      I’m designing a booklet using InDesign CS5. I set a custom page size of 4.25” wide by 11” tall (based on U.S. letter). The sheet size will be 8.5” by 11,” so the pages will be long and thin. I  used custom because, while InDesign has built-in page sizes of “Letter-Half” and “Legal-Half,” there seems to be  no built-in option for“Letter-Half” for vertical). Margins are 0.5” all the way around, plus .125” bleed.


      We plan to have this commercially printed, but I’m concerned because when I print in-house (to proof, etc.), the margins are off… For example, the left margins are nearly 1” instead of a half-inch, and the right margins are less than half an inch. Can anyone tell me why this might be happening? How can I fix this? And does the way the document prints in-house indicate that a commerical printer might encounter problems, too?


      Many thanks in advance!!


      1. P.S. - I routinely use InDesign’s built-in “Letter-Half” and “Legal-Half for booklets (again, with half-inch margin all around, plus bleed), and I experience zero frustration in printing to our in-house printer (before sending to commerical printer, if necessary). The margins have always been where I expected them to be, and our commercial printer has no problems either.