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          How do you place more than one SketchUP Cast Member on the Director's Scene without their backgrounds overlapping one another?  Trying sprite's "Background Transparent" property did not help.  Lingo command member.visibility=#front (or #back) did not help either.  I realize the problem can be solved by first putting them together in one .skp file to begin with.

          However, if the answer to the original question were negative, then would it be safe to assume that we cannot mix and match 3D Cast Member objects from different 3D programs in one scene?


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            You might like to look at the _loadFile()_ command, which is designed to allow you to import the contents of a W3D file into another. If that does not work with SketchUp files, then you can try using the _cloneModelFromCastMember()_ or _cloneDeep()_ commands, which allow you to copy geometry and other assets from one shockwave3D member to another.

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              Thank you for the quick response.  Will try and report back.  Cheers!

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                I am yet to experiment with your suggestions.  And I will!


                Meanwhile, I read in director_11.5_help_BASICS (p. 7) about DTS.  Once I bring in SketchUP models with DTS unchecked, then I "backgroun transparent" becomes effective.  There are two downsides to this approach though: one that no-DTS is resource-heavy, and (2), one needs to apply this to all the frames in the sprite channels.


                So, there is at least a not-so-ideal sure bet solution for the time being.


                Thanks, again!