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    Will not install with Leopard

    MarkBook Level 1
      I just migrated from an older iMac G4 to a newer iMac 2GHz Intel Core Duo. To my chagrin I then discovered that Director MX 2004 would not work on an Intel machine. So... I upgraded to Director 11. After all the hassle of proving (once again) that I am an academic, I received the confirmation and link so that I could download and install the new version. Alas...! When I run the installer, it says: "This software cannot be installed because the file system of the OS volume is not supported." WHAT? Director 11 won't install on Mac OS 10.5.2 (Leopard), but it will on Win-doze Vista???

      HELP! I need Director! It is the prime piece of software that I use to create programs for my classes!
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          Doc Raman Level 1
          Both MX2004 and Dir 11 run on OSX 10.4 and 10.5 (at least on the three macs in my office). Did you migrate your "user" of the old computer to your new computer? That can cause a wealth of issues with all the Adobe apps.

          I suggest doing an uninstall of Director using the uninstaller at Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers.
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            MarkBook Level 1
            Doc Raman: Thanks for posting a suggestion. You are correct that I migrated my "user" to the iMac Intel. Since Apple asks whether or not to do this when booting up a new machine for the first time, I figured that this would be the wisest thing to do.

            Unfortunately... there IS nothing on my machine titled: Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers. I assume from your suggestion that the "file system" the installer is referring to might be the old registration files or preferences or frameworks from Director MX 2004...? And that I might have to remove all said files by hand...? If so, any idea what and where they are...? Or is it possible to download a copy of those "Adobe Installers"?

            Please advise!
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              SujaiS Adobe Employee
              The Director MX2004 can be un-installed using the installer. There is a drop down with the option "uninstall" in the installer.

              Ensure that you don't have the following files after un-installation.
              1)Macromedia Director MX2004 in your Applications folder 2)com.macromedia.DirectorMX2004.plist under /library/Preferences folder
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                MarkBook Level 1
                SujaiS: I found the problem! My hard disk was formatted "journaled (case-sensitive)". After searching through lots of discussions and support files, I learned that apparently several Adobe applications will not run with that format.

                I therefore had to boot from my Leopard install disk, erase and reformat the hard disk as only "journaled' (NOT "case-sensitive"), reinstall Leopard, then restore the contents of the hard drive from my Time Machine backup. I have since managed to install Director 11 just fine. It has shown some odd bugs, however. For example, a cast member with text (using an embedded font) now shows an exclamation mark on a following line... but there IS no exclamation mark to delete, let alone a following line! Weird! I tried changing to another embedded font, and the program crashed. Hmmmm.

                At any rate, I would suggest that Adobe needs to specify for Director 11, under Mac system requirements, that "case-sensitive" formatted hard disks will NOT work. That is a simple warning to include. Adobe is obviously aware of that incompatibility, since it mentions it under forums and technical issues for other programs. Shouldn't they list that system requirement from the get-go?

                Thanks for your suggestions!