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    How do I save files as JPEG in Photoshop Extended CS6 on a mac?

    Digidol Level 1

      I have used a PC for many years and saved files in JPEG with Photoshop CS4 and then CS5 no problem.


      Recently I bought a mac and upgraded to Photoshop CS6 and then upgraded again to Photoshop CS6 Extended.


      Now when I save files as 'JPEG' in Photoshop CS6 Extended they save okay but when I try to open these files in other programs they can't read the file.

      If I try to attach these JPEG's in an email they send a script and no image.


      The only way to send JPEG's by email on my mac seems to be if I right click on the JPEG image and send it that way by email - I can't add it to emails though.


      Am I saving in the wrong format for a mac ? Am I missing something obvious?


      Please can you advise me.

      Thanks  for any help - I can't reply to any answers as I haven't figured out how to do that on here yet.

      Or maybe you aren't supposed to reply?


      I know .....I'll get used to using a mac one day......

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