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    New to PhotoShop cs6 / Tutorial Downloading Trial Version

    Jon 123456



             I am simply trying to download and install Photoshop cs6 trial version.  I can somewhat plainly see that here are tutorials on the web regarding this.  Looking at them  while being many.  But as a new comer to adobe I am hesitant in choosing a tutorial for downloading and installing the program.  I am intertested in finding the closes tutorial that will fit my needs so not to run into any problems  while attempting the download & Installation.   My computer is  hp windows 7.  Home Premiun.  AMD Phenon (tm) 2 x 4 with a 840 T Processor 2.90 GHZ.  6 GB of Ram Services Pack 1.  Using Internet Explorer 9.  Also using the default  Zip utilties functions that came with the computer. 


          If anyone one can point out a closes step by step tutorial regarding the download it would help me a great deal for any future indevers with Photoshop.     Thank you Jon.