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    CS6 Why does some of my audio disappear


      I have a 1hr 26 min project with numerous lines of audio. Some of the audio has disappeared. When I open the audio to see the waveform it is gone. The sound on the orginal media clip from the bin is good but I have no option to re-link it. I have cleaned up the cache, I have opened Premiere using the shift/alt and still the problem persists. I have deactivated/uninstalled/run the cleaner tool/installed/updated and the problem persists. Another thing I've noticed is that some clips look like they are having an interlace problem when the project is 1920 x 1080 p...this project did not have these problems  before I upgraded to CS6. This is an Independent movie for Showtime and other international markets and special effects and color grading are now being held up because of this. I really need a solution fast.