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    CQ5.5 Segmentation & Client-Context

    Jayatl Level 1



      We’ve been digging into the CQ5.5 Client Context and are stuck trying to create segmentation based on 4 specific use cases.    Here’s what we are trying to accomplish:


      1. Geo-Targeting – The Geometrixx examples use latitude/longitude – not really useful; how do we go about creating segments on a City name (like “Atlanta”) or a collection of states (like “Southeast Region”).  Also, is there any way to bypass the dialog that asks the visitor to collect the location information?
      2. Site Catalyst Data – We already store information about the visitor in our SC implementation, such as “Abandoned while purchasing X Product” in an eVar.   How can we add this SC Prop/Event/eVar into a CQ5 Segment for real-time targeting?
      3. Referring Domain – We wish to create segments based on the referring domain, as well as the keywords if it’s a search engine. For example, we’d display Teaser1 for Paid Search (ad_domain.com) and Teaser2 for organic search (google.com). In addition, based on the query string in the HTTP REFERRER, we’d want to show different content (Teaser3 I suppose)
      4. Facebook/Twitter Data – We’ve followed the CQ Social Collaboration information here - http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/administering/social_collaboration/social_connect.ht ml - but have not been successful in getting the information to appear in the Client Context for Anonymous visitors.  We will not use FB/Twitter authentication on our site, so does that mean we can’t access the profile information if they’ve logged in elsewhere?  If we can, how do we go about doing this correctly in instances where the visitor is already signed into FB, comes to our site and clicks one of the CQ Facebook Social plugins?


      Has anyone successfully created segments in CQ using one or more of the paths above?  If so, I’d really appreciate some insight/assistance on configuring this correctly.