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    Project problem


      Hi All,


      I have a problem wiith first proect that I'm trying to make in Flash Builder 4.6. I would like to complete this tutorial:


      I followed exactly all steps, but when I run the aplication it doesn't show anything in the browser. For a second just popout a black screen. One thing that is different then tutorial is that I have a Flash Builder 4.6 and in the tutoral they recomend Flash Builder 4.5.


      Do you have any idea what can be wrong?




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          Do you have a link to your work? Are you receiving any debug/error messages? Can you post the code?

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            spontan2311 Level 1

            I will show you a screen from my project. If you would like to see something more just tell me.



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              NYY60504 Level 1

              Not really sure the example is operational.


              I downloaded the files, followed the instructions, corrected the null object reference error in the ParserBase.as file, but never saw the vase load either, only the background of the base. I suspect something may be amiss with the parser package as the vase file never loaded, but do not have the time to keep digging.


              If any consolation, I do not believe the issue is with anything you are doing. Though I also do not believe an individual would purposefully post a bad example. Possible a change to his code base, made after he posted the example, inadvertently broke his example.

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                spontan2311 Level 1

                thanks for help. I won't be digging also.