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    Playback problem

    Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Win 7

      i7 2.8gig

      24 Gb ram

      CS6 latest

      BMD decklink studio using Transmit.


      I have a 70 min timeline, when I play more than about 20 min without stopping the following often happens:

      The video freezes

      The sound keeps playing

      The cti goes to when I last pressed play and freezes.


      If I hit stop and play again it plays from the origional start point.


      The point it stops at can be an AFX link, a caption or just a straight video clip.


      Any ideas?


      Sony EX 1080x1920 25i files and timeline. Whole timeline rendered.


      Richard Knight

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          The only explanation for that behaviour is some background process that kicks in with some regularity and eats the resources available at that specific moment. It probably corrupts the regular output and changes the playhead, but it will be hard to find the culprit.