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    APE 10 Crashes when trying to add disolves


      For years I have been editing MiniDV Tapes onto APE 3.0 and it was SUPER EASY.

      I decided to step it up and buy a HD Video Cam (Panasonic HMC40), and APE10 and it has been VERY DIFFICULT.


      It took me 4 hours to figure out how to:

      1. compress my HD video's to M2TS files (using DVD VideoSoft)

      2. find a setting that would load these files and not have them skip when loaded into timeline.


      I was making good progress with my project until I went to add transitions.

      When I clicked on the "Edit" tab, my program stopped working. "Adobe will notify you in there is a solution".


      Could you please help?

      Perhaps I need to start over and try to compress my original HD video files to .avi files so ADE can handle it.


      I am very excited about producing Awesome HD Video's but does it really have to be this hard?


      Please help.