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      My Prefs' in Photoshop are sRGB since I work for web only. My CS3 color settings are synchronised in Bridge, Europe General Purpose. Fireworks exports always in sRGB.

      When I want to safe an image for web (Photoshop) the colour that I see in the Safe for Web window turns out to be a complete different one then the original colour. If I measure them with the Digital Color Program that comes standard with Apple, the one in the Save For Web window is for example #990F27 and the original in the Photoshop document is #8B382E. But in Photoshop the Color Picker says it is #990F27.

      Onliest solution untill now is doing the work in Firweorks, this way you see what you get. Seems even like it is making nicer colors... but that's another subject.

      sRGB is as far as I know the smallest color profile. Why are then still colors in Photoshop transmitted to others when I save for web??? What is Fireworks doing different from Photoshop that makes you see during the working process the colours you are going to get when you export? How can I get the same situation in Photoshop?