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    Issue with static images in Program Monitor when paused

    ntreuter Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am working on a combo video / image timeline. The video footage is 1080p 24p shot by my T2i dslr.


      The images are larger JPG's (appx 5000x3500). I am applying a very mild pan / zoom on the images when they come into frame which is why I wanted to keep the larger size (so it can fall off the 1920x1080 space and not reveal and black background).


      Anyway, when playing, it all appears OK, but when pausing on an image, the program monitor displays garbage. It will show a mash of colors, nothing resembling the original image. Going back to scrubbing or playing returns the image but pausing on it shows nothing. This is tedious becuase i am needing to "guess" at where the image for the pan / zoom effects since I can't see it as it is scrambled.


      Almost looks like a long time ago when you didn't get a TV station and you have the white static.


      I should add my system:


      Core i7 3770k

      Asrock z77 motherboard


      16gb RAM


      Upon further review this probably has to do with the image size. I just had a crash as well from my Nvidia driver; and found this related thread :