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    Sony EX1 mp4 pixelation on the frame problem



      I just got CS6, and I'm editting mp4 files from Sony EX1 camera and I keep getting bad frames here an there, it's either a pixelation, or parts of the image breaking and moving within the image. It's not always in the same exact place, can be a few frames futher or back but it keeps happenning in most of my clips.


      with few of the clips that have problems

      - I tried openning the clip in source monitor from media browser same problem.

      - I tried openning in a brand new project, the clip alone from a new user (clean cache) still have the problem

      - Tired openning in After Effects same problem.

      - And when i export the clip, all the glitches get printed onto the export


      - When i open the clip with an outside program like VLC Player, no problem

      - I open it in another computer where i have CS5.5 no problem

      - And i convert the clip to Cineform, no problems again.


      Any help will be appreciated because I do wanna keep working on my beautiful new CS6 but I can't.


      Thanks in advance!


      Yas Dalkilic