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    Audio offline in Timeline ONLY; Clips appear red (CS6)

    pstrauss89 Level 1

      Very, very, very frustrating issue.


      I have a cut of a scene where the audio has all mysteriously gone offline (the clips in the timeline have turned red, rather than green). No audio plays back. Yet when I select "Reveal in Project", it finds the associated audio file. That audio file plays fine in the Source Monitor, fully online, waveforms, plays back fine. I can select "Edit Original" in the timeline and the original file will open up in iTunes and play fine. I put the file from the Project window offline and reconnected, yet the clip in the timeline doesn't change at all. It is connected, but doesn't act like it. Checking the timeline clip's properties, it says "Online". But it's not.


      The most frustrating thing is that ONE of the shots has online audio that plays back. This is the same audio file as some of the other shots that register as offline!!!!!!!! It's absurd.


      Earlier cuts, using the exact same audio files are all online, all work fine.


      I have deleted my media cache, went back to an earlier auto-save, no luck. When I double-click the clip in the timeline, it opens a blank audio preview in the Source monitor, no waveforms but it does have my In/Out points. I tried copying the timecode and applying it to the ONLINE version of the file from the Project panel, but the timecode was bizarrely different and didn't match so I can't even use the "Replace with Clip" command. It's insane.


      Any insight or help on this issue would be much appreciated. I've already had to go about re-adding clips manually, but hopefully for next time I can have an easier solution...