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    Premier 7 Export Plugin Migration

    dolbydc Level 1

      For the last couple years our company has developed a plugin for Premier Elements 7 that we use to create video content for our product.  We will need to move to the latest version of Premier as 7 is no longer available.  But from what I can tell the Export plugin support is no longer supported in Premier 9.  What is the process for migrating export plugins to the latest versions of Premier?


      Thanks if advance for any help.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          You pose a good question.


          I do not know if any of the regulars here can help much, but perhaps an Adobe employee can stop by, and give you an answer.


          I do not know of an SDK for PrE, but that does not mean that one is not available. I know that a few 3rd party developers DO write plug-ins for PrE, such as NewBlue FX, ProDAD, SmartSound and some more. They obviously have input from Adobe to help in their development process.


          One consideration for a plug-in developer, is that as of PrE 10, there are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the program, and that usually means two different plug-ins, one for 32-bit, and one for 64-bit. When PrPro (there IS an SDK for it) went to 64-bit only, with CS5, it took a little time for developers to rewrite their plug-ins, CODEC's, etc., for 64-bit programs. Most were able to do that fairly quickly.


          Wish that I had someone, or somewhere to direct you, but I do not. Maybe Steve Grisetti knows who/where you can get the necessary info?


          Good luck,