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    linking parts of documents


      I need to learn how to set a link to a certain page of another document - for instance, if I have a three page precis of a 300 page document and wish to link from a phrase in the precis to a chapter in the larger document.  I can link to open the full document just not to precisely where in the document I need to reference.  Any help would be appreciated, Ed

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          CtDave Level 6

          Something that might work.

          Given that first PDF is the 3 page file and second PDF is the 300 page file.


          Use Acrobat's Link tool.
          Place the link annotation 'box' over the desired text.
          In the Create Link dialog tick "Go to a page view".
          Click "Next".
          For the moment, ignore the "Create Go to View" dialog.
          Do a File > Open and browse to the second PDF.
          The second PDF opens.
          Navigate to the page desired.
          Adjust page zoom if desired.
          When done, click the "Set Link" button in the "Create Go to View" dialog.
          Acrobat presents you with the first PDF.
          Note that any PDFs open through this process remain open until you close them.

          An alternative is to create a Destination for each text string in the second PDF.
          Use "Go to a page view" to set the a link from first PDF to second PDF.
          Once the link is establish open the link's Properties dialog.
          In the Actions tab you edit the link (tick "Use Named Destination").
          Click "Browse" and use the scroll list to select the desired destination.
          Good to know is that the page zoom does affect what is presented when the link is followed.

          All this can become cumbersome rather quickly but it is doable.

          If "time and money" are in the budget I suspect that one of the developers who frequent this site could develop something with Acrobat JavaScript that would be a link's action.

          Be well...

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            edhendersonmusic Level 1

            Dear CtDave - terrific!   Works like a charm except that when I push the link button, which we created on the 3 page document, it asks if I want to save the 3 page document, I said yes, and proceeds to close the 3 pager when opening the new one (at the correct page of the doc I wish to link to though). 


            Sorry that I am such a newbie at this technology but, I looked all over the place for an answer or an adjustment to make that would resolve this.   I do have it setup that I can open a whole series of docs from the links but, as I stated in my original post, these simply open to page 1 of the new doc and not to the particular point.  


            If you have the time to answer that would be great, all the best,



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              CtDave Level 6


              Let's say that, for each link placed on the 3 pager, you select "Go to a page view" as the Link Action in the Create Link dialog.  Then you click the Next button.

              The Create Go to View dialog opens.
              You do a File > Open an open the 300 pager.
              You navigate to the specific page you want.
              If desired you establish a desired page zoom.
              You then click the Set Link button in the Go to View dialog.

              Now do a Save As for the 3 pager PDF.
              Once a link is set and 3 pager PDF can be checked.
              The default for the link is to open in "Window set by user preference".
              This will result in 3 pager closing and the 300 pager opening.

              You can change this now or do all of the links later.
              How to do this is addressed below.

              You now have 3 pager and 300 pager open.
              This lets you do the same for all other link builds on the 3 pager the same way but to get to the 300 pager by a Windows > select the 300 pager.

              After building each link do a Save at a minimum
              Regardless, do perform frequent Save As as you go through the 3 pager.

              To change the Open in setting:
              Select the Link tool.
              Select a link.
              Open the link's Properties dialog.
              Open the Actions tab.
              Click the "Edit" button.
              The Go to a page in another document dialog opens.
              There are two panes. "Target Document" and "Options".
              In the Target Document pane the "Open in" has a drop-down menu.
              Use the menu to select New window.
              With this set clicking the link in 3 pager results in 300 pager opening in a new window.
              Problem -- each time a 3 pager link is followed you get a new window.
              You end up with a lot of open PDF files. Messy.

              So, if you stay with the default a click on a link in 3 pager closes 3 pager and open 300 pager in the same Adobe Reader / Acrobat 'window".
              Problem - how does the end-user get "back"?
              One possible solution is to have 300 pager configured to open showing the Bookmarks panel.
              (Document Properties > Initial View tab  > from the Navigation tab drop-down select Bookmarks panel and page)

              Provide a "Back" bookmark that has the action of open file. Select Open file then click Add button then browse to 3 pager.

              The bookmark takes you back to page 1 of 3 pager. Would be nice to use 'Previous View' but (with exception of 1 rabbit hole) Acrobat 9.x security sandbox precludes that. Acrobat X security sandbox closed the 1 rabbit hole)
              So, we live with "back to page 1", eh.

              Either approach has a downside but are workable.
              A third approach is to open 3 pager then insert 300 pager after the last page of 3 pager.
              Build the links on new PDF's pages 1-3 to take the end-user to the desired page with desired page zoom.
              As mentioned before, if you manually set destinations in the 300 pager then once you have a link on pages 1-3 done edit the link's preferences to have the link use the designated Named Destination.

              Be well...

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                Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                Or, use the Go Back built into Acrobat.


                - right click, select Previous View

                - use Alt+left arrow

                - right click (Acrobat X), select Page Navigation, put a check mark against Previous View or select Show All Page Navigation Tools. Goodness knows why this wasn't the default.