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    Newbie question - accessing FLA stage in Flash Builder?


      Hi, got a pretty basic newbie question here. I'm exploring  Flash Builder 4.6 and trying to figure out how to edit an existing FLA in Builder. I imported an existing Flash Professional CS6 FLA into Flash Builder using File>New>Flash Professional Project. This opened up the project directory in the Package Explorer, and seems to have created a new .as class file with the same name as the FLA.


      I'm used to developing in Flash Pro with a mixture of timeline code and .as class files. However, as far as I can tell, Builder cannot access timeline code. Is that correct? If so, where do I put/how do I write code that can access objects I've placed on the stage in Flash Pro? For example, say I have an FLA named MyProject.FLA and I have a button on the stage with the instance name Button1, how would I add an event listener to Button1 in Flash Builder as soon as the project runs? Does the code go in the new MyProject.as class file?


      Sorry for my ignorance. i've been trying to research this but the amount of results I get is overwhelming and I can't find anything that specifically answers what I want.