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    Image hoover or click to Enlarge for eBay and Craigslist?

    That screen name is unava

      Hi, I am looking for an extension or suggestions on how to create images that you can mouse over or click to enlarge for eBay and Craigslist listings.


      A good example of what I am looking for is found here:


      http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-BLING-Crystal-Hard-Skin-Case-Spirnt-HTC-EVO-3D-/110714221950?pt= PDA_Accessories&hash=item19c714f57e


      and website  http://www.isdntek.com/clicpic.htm


      The program is cool as you can take images from your pc and it will ftp, resize and create the code for your listing.


      All input and ideas is much appreciated!