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    Cannot debug

    scober99 Level 1

      I have a fairly large project in Flash Pro CS6 which targets iOS. I have an AS3 file that runs the game using assets on the stage. In the past, it all worked fine but now that I have upgraded to CS6, I can no longer debug. When I set a breakpoint in the AS3 source - for example at line 1145 --  I get the message "Breakpoint not set; No executable code at line 1145..."


      It doesn't matter whether I am debugging in the desktop or mobile launchers.


      This happens in another similar project. But in a project created in CS6 as opposed to moving to it from CS 5.5, it does not happen. I am pretty much stalled as I am having to resort to the equivalent of the old printf debugging methods. HELP!


      debug problems.PNG