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    Canon 5DIII images cropped in ACR

    Will Y.


      I have an odd situation I can't figure out and thought maybe someone might have a solution


      I am working on a MacBook Pro running 10.7.4 using CS6 and ACR 7.1.


      I was shooting video with the 5DIII yesterday and shot a few stills as I was working. I shot in RAW for the stills.


      When I look at the still image in Photo Mechanic, I see the full image and Photo Mechanic tells me it's 5760x3840 in size.


      When I open the image in Photoshop 6 using Camera Raw it shows up cropped 5760x3240 - the 16x9 video crop. But I can't get to the full image - the crop tool in Camera Raw doesn't let me reveal anymore of the image. I can't figure out how to see the whole photo.


      Anyone else had this problem? Things have worked fine when I've only shot stills.


      thanks very much.