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    Hide layers automatically


      This is a simple scenario that I'm trying to get working in Acrobat Pro.


      I've create a basic layout in InDesign containing a circular image on layer 1. Layer 2 contains a caption box explaining the image in the circle.


      In Acrobat Pro, using the Forum Button Too, I drew an outline around the circle on layer 1. Initially, layer 2 is off, but when the mouse enters the  button, layer 2 (the caption box) is revealed. But I want layer 2 to stay visible, because there's a hyperlink in the caption text that I may want to click on. Otherwise, I want the caption layer to time out and disappear on its own after a few seconds, because I don't want it to stick around and clutter my document in case I create another button on layer 1 that reveals a different caption box on a different layer, and so on.


      I tried drawing a button over the caption box on layer 2, with an action telling it to disappear itself on mouse exit. But when the button covered the hyperlink, then the hyperlink wouldn't work. But that solution is flawed anyway, in the event I don't even want to mouse over the caption box. I was wondering if I could assign a javascript to layer 2 to make it time out and close itself.

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          I think I figured this out. The solution is to set the layer visibility for each button to show ONLY the layer for the caption box associated for that button. Then if I mouse over another button, it will take precedent by making visible only its associated layer, thereby making all other layers invisible. Unless all the buttons I intend to include are crowded together, this should work perfectly.