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    Re: Flash Player 11.3.300.257 Keeps Crashing On Mozilla Firefox 13


      I want to know if the dev team has tested out my issue.  When you load the game Lineage 2 in windowd mode, then firefox and flash site like youtube, it will 100% of the time freeze solid firefox.  This is easily eproducable and you need to get touch with NCSOFT about this and fix it.  The game is free and u don't need an account to make this issue happen.  Just install lineage 2 www.lineage2.com and runt he launcher app then load lineage 2.  When the logon box pops up this is the death point.  Press alt+ enter fopr windowed mode.  Run firefox and a flash site.  BOOM.  Totaly frozen.

      I think the GAMEGUARD anticheat system included with this game is somehow interacting with the new flash somehow.  So work with gameguard and ncsoft to get this fixed.


      I expect a follow up on this issue as I have already stated this about 1 month earlier with no response.