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    How to recover deleted paths

    Red Romanov Level 1

      In fact, there are so many issues in this problem.


      First, I was working with a comic illustration, straight 10 hours in a .PSD file without closing it (Of course I saved REALLY often). That includes making path layers in the early process. And when I was painting with those lines generated from paths, I noticed that all of my path layers are gone!! Deleting the paths must be some kind of accidents (like hitting del. key trying to delete contents in the layers, but it deleted some unintentionally selected paths instead. I want a fix to this.) but I can't figure it out how all of them are deleted.


      All of my progresses depends on those paths, and that means I will have to repeat the 10 hours all over again.


      I have tried many ways to recover it but nothing works:


      1. The history state which I was making those paths can't be recovered. It was deleted. If I went to the snapshot state, it's only a raw scanned draft. in other words, the history state is somewhere between snapshot and earliest history state.

      2. I tried a file recovery tool. It could dig up temp files but they are all useless since they are made each time I was saving, and I can go back only half an hour with that. This is a case which "saving often" backfires. Also I don't know which file else I should recover.

      3. I looked in PSAutoRecover folder and found nothing. I have not been monitoring the folder so I can't tell if auto-saves were made or not, but I am sure auto-save was turned on. I can't find any clues with the recovery tool also.

      4. There are also temp files in the root of cache drive. I tried copying them into another drive but it said Photoshop is using the file, and they were all gone once I unlocked it with force.

      What I need is any clue to recover the path lines. At least give me locations or files which were made while Photoshop were working (like history states) so I may try my luck wth that.