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    Constantly having to renew my subscription


      Is there a work around to the constant "Renew you Subscription" messages I receive? For the last three days I get this screen upon first starting up


      renew subscription screen.jpg


      So I "Try Again" and I get this message.

      thank you screen.jpg


      But that doesn't help When I go ahead and open the application a second time, I get the same series of screens.


      Trying the other button "License this Software" I get a log on screen that , upon entering my Adobe password, I can use the application for the time I have my computer on. Once I turn the computer off I have to do the same exercise over and over again. This implies that I need to be connected to the internet at the start of every session. I would like to know if there is a work around for this?  I have called technical services and they were no help at all.

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Krandyyy,


          I moved your post into a new thread because it seemed a little different than the issue others were describing in the former thread.



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            David__B Adobe Employee

            I looked at your account and it might be somehow related to your credit card. I see that your initial payment went through in June but shows some kind of error for July. That might be related to cause, not sure. Have you tried contacting the Adobe support regarding the issue?



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              maxresonance Level 1

              I have the same issue. and I'm pretty sure my credit card has not changed (although

              you can check it for me - thanks.) And am I correct that I no longer am being

              charged for my membership (in the USA)?

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                Having exactly the same issue. I can access the software by clicking the License this Software button in your first screenshot. However, every time I need to relaunch an application, I get the "Renew your subscription" pop-up.


                It's super-annoying an requires internet connection to use the software, which obviously is not ideal.


                Screenshots of my experience are below:






                Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 9.56.25 AM.jpg

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                  R+R Level 1

                  I'm reviving this old discussion because it is exactly what I have been experiencing for two weeks now.  I have contacted support several time and the most I've gotten out of them is a "We'll look into it and get back to you" (I never hear back from them) or a having them completely fail to understand that my subscription is active and I have to activate it every day, sometimes many times. This is extremely frustrating (and very problematic when a proposal is due), and I have been very unimpressed with Adobe's level of support.

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                    zionnet Level 1

                    I've since resolved the issue. I had to call into Adobe and speak with a support representative.


                    When my credit card was initially declined, my subscription was automatically put in limbo, not quite terminated but also unrenewable via Adobe Application Manager, nor by logging into my account on Adobe.com.  He explained it's a bug and a customer currently needs to call in and have a rep reinstate their account. I can only imagine how time consuming it must be for both customers and Adobe's support staff. 


                    On a separate topic, it would be super if there were some other billing options for customers who might wish to pay their membership (quarterly, semi-annually or annually). I tried to get my office on Creative Cloud but the finance department nixed processing the membership on a monthly basis. Yearly would have been fine.

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                      R+R Level 1

                      Thanks for the reply. I did have a similar issue with a card several weeks ago, which was supposedly resolved. Unfortunately it took over an hour and a half over the phone with a support representative to "escalate" my issue with activation. Hopefully this means someone will actually look into my account and fix this, because it's getting very old.

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                        Exact same issue