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    Adjustment Layers and Photoshop

    Jack Banatoni Level 1

      Is it possible to import adjustment layers from Photoshop to use in a Premiere Pro CS6 timeline?  This could open up some options for color grading.

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          Import a layered Photoshop file


          When you import a layered file saved in Photoshop file formats, you can choose how to import the layers in the Import Layered File dialog box.




          Some Photoshop layer attributes aren’t supported, such as special blending modes and the Knockout option. For best results, use basic transparency and opacity in Photoshop. Adobe Premiere Pro does support most Photoshop blending modes.


          Premiere Pro imports attributes that were applied in the original file, including position, opacity, visibility, transparency (alpha channel), layer masks, adjustment layers, common layer effects, layer clipping paths, vector masks, and clipping groups. Photoshop exports a white background as opaque white, whereas it exports a checkerboard background as a transparent alpha channel when exporting to a format that supports alpha channels.


          Importing layered Photoshop files makes it easy to use graphics created in Photoshop. When Premiere Pro imports Photoshop files as unmerged layers, each layer in the file becomes an individual clip in a bin. Each clip’s name consists of the layer name followed by the name of the file that contained it. Each layer is imported with the default duration you select for still images in Preferences.

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            Jack Banatoni Level 1

            Thanks for the input, but that didn't really answer my question.  Adjustment layers are new to Premiere Pro CS6.  Is it possible to, for example, make a levels adjustment layer in Photoshop and import the adjustment layer for use in Premiere Pro?


            This would be helpful to color grade a still taken from a video with adjustment layers in Photoshop and apply that adjustment layer to the video in Premiere Pro.

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              jstrawn Adobe Employee

              No, not in the sense that you want to import them. Adjusmtent Layers in Premiere are really video clips (black video by default) which are anebled to apply Premiere's video effects to whatever clips lie beneath. Neither Photoshops effects nor their adjustment layer types are applicable to media in PrPro.


              You can import Photoshop layers, as the previous poster brought out, but they're jsut treated as seperate image files at that point. It's a good idea though..

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                Jack Banatoni Level 1

                That's what I thought the answer was, but was hoping someone had found a way to bring in Photoshop adjustment layers.  Would be great to color grade with Photoshop's tools and bring them in to Premiere Pro.


                Thanks for the input!