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    removePopup TitleWindow is not removing from memory


      I am facing one memory issue that Popup TitleWindow is not getting remove from memory. I checked in profile.

      Also another thing i noticed that when i invoked addPopup() from sub-application, it does not get removed from memory. But when i invoke popup from main application it gets GCed.


      on close handler i am doing removePopup and removing close event listener.


      i did a small example test , just invoking mx:TitleWindow as popup.  Subapplication system manager ( some where deep down ) holds the references of TitleWindow.  but in main application it gets released immediately.


      My subapplication are running in sibling application domain and are in trusted zone.

      i am using 4.1 sdk and latest falsh player version 11.3.x.x on firefox.


      Any one has any clue ?