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    Worried About After Failed Installation

    Jeffrey Timothy Valerie Level 1

      Dear Adobe Community


      I was having problems with my PC, which is a Windows XP, then I received a few windows updates which have powered my PC amazingly In this happening I thought it best update all my Adobe features and all updated except Adobe Reader,

      This was no get problem but I noticed that what came with the failed message was an Eastern European language which has worried me a bit this is if I should worry.


      The reason for my worry is that, I installed updates on my friends PC the other day which was windows and the same thing happened when I went to check the installations through the Add or Remove Programs page and I removed them immediately only because I could not recognise them.


      I am hoping that I have done the right thing, I would not want to be the one who has allowed a clone to take over my PC with ease and use me to destroy such wonderful work being done by firms such as yours online, with the little I know, considering I am signed in here to my account and am in the UK.


      I hope I have done the right thing.


      Yours Sincerely