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    Adobe premiere CS6 hangs on brand new notebook


      Hi all


      I am trialing abobe premiere CS6 from the MasterSuite


      And it won't open.  It hangs on adobe premiere.exe (via task manager).  It was hanging with Quick time but I fixed that - not that I want to use quicktime but that was where it hung. 


      It hangs, windows and adobe do not find solutions.  And then I can't shut the PC down unless I use the off button to force shutdown.


      Clevo metabox P150EM wth Intel Ivy Bridge i7-3610QM  CPU 2.3GHz up to 3.3GHz

      with 32 GB RAM

      Windows® 7 Professional - 64-bit operating system

      with an AMD Radeon™ HD 7970M Graphics card with 2GB memory

      driver is v 8.951.6.0 - the most recent one. 

      240 (223GB) SSD - Intel 520 series for data store (aka hard drive) with 137GB free


      It does run Dreamweaver CS6 and Acrobat Pro and Photoshop - the 64 bit version and the other version (32bit?)


      Firewall is windows default

      Adobe Flash is allowed Home/work adding Adobe Premiere and After effects did not help.  There is no way to add the specific exes.


      Sound card realtek High Definition Audio

      driver version


      All brand new. 


      Turned off indexing from the hard drive.

      right click on drive in explorer, properties, general, uncheck box


      In the settings for your firewall software, allow connections to be made to and from the following applications:


      Windows: Allow firewall connections TCP/IP for these


      •Adobe QT32 Server.exe




      added after effects and premiere pro to the home network but premiere pro still will not start.

      It's now hanging with adobe premiere pro.exe