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    After importing AVID AAF, Premier plays the stereo clips as mono (only playing left channel)


      After importing a timeline from AVID using AAF, since AVID considered the stereo files as dual mono, Premiere had placed them all on a mono audio track, and now I'm unable to make them play in stereo again, but rather only choose which of the two channels to play.


      How can I fix this problem? (I have both CS5.5 and CS6)


      By the way, in CS5.5 Itried moving the clips to a stereo track, but that was not happening.

      In CS 6 I tried moving them to a stereo enabled track (standard track), but they still play only one channel in mono. I tried the "Modify clip" window in "audio channels" dialogue, but the option to change it from mono to stereo was disabled. The footage itself outside of the timeline plays correctly in stereo.


      If I create a subclip from the timeline, that subclip is in stereo, and I can theoretically replace all clips with their respective sub-clips and "solve the probolem", but I'm working on a fully edited long-form project, so that's not really an option.


      Any suggestions?