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    Error #1053 - when trying to run application

    Felix :)

      Hello All,


      I have a problem and would be happy if you could help.
      When I am trying to run an application as Web Application from Flash Builder 4.6, I receive the next error message:

      VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of getHeaderItemsLength in mx.controls.AdvancedDataGrid.

      at flash.display::MovieClip/nextFrame()
      at mx.core::FlexModuleFactory/deferredNextFrame()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\framework\s rc\mx\core\FlexModuleFactory.as:730]
      at mx.core::FlexModuleFactory/update()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\core\ FlexModuleFactory.as:503]
      at mx.core::FlexModuleFactory/moduleCompleteHandler()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\framewo rk\src\mx\core\FlexModuleFactory.as:828]


      It is worth to mention that the "html" file, that is generated by Flash Builder, and the one, that is generated after runnung a dedicated "bat" file, are exactly the same (compared them in Beyond Compare).So I assume the problem is in the environment (SDK?).

      While compiling the application I have received the next warnings, maybe this is somehow connected to the run time error or may help to identify it?

      1. 'handler' has been deprecated.  Please use 'function clickHandler'.
      2. 3608: 'Stroke' has been deprecated since 4.0.  Please use 'SolidColorStroke'.
      3. Dashboard.staticLayout has been deprecated. Use staticLayout property of the view block instead.
      4. Data binding will not be able to detect assignments to "_objectPropertySection".

      Thank you all,