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    Metric and Imperial system



      This has probably been brought up befor but i would like to do this in a certain way.


      I have a catalogue of about 300 pages with some measurements on each page. These measurements are all in mm but not all of them are labeled mm ("2 mm) some are also just a number.


      The Idea i have is to make a script wich does the following.


      • I select a measurement, either with mm or without
      • I start the script
        • It will take the numeric value in the selection and apply a premade "mm"-conditional text tag to it
        • Then it will convert the numeric value from mm to inches and write this value directly after the mm value
        • now it will check if the mm value had an actual mm unit after it. if so it will write " in" after the inch value.
        • Now it will apply a premade "inch"-conditional text to the inch value and if available " in"
      • The script is now done and i have the option to show either mm or inches in the catalogue.


      This would only require me to once go through the catalogue and select the mm values and run the script.

      Prefferably it should work to select complete tables with only numeric mm values in them and it should to that to every value instead of having to select each cell for itself.


      The problem is i have the idea but not the knowledge of the coding, i would need some help with that. Just the basic commands i should be using.

      Any help would be appriciated.


      Kind regards