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    Suggestions for disk setup

    Dvico Level 1

      Dear All!

      Id like to make a claen install.Before that id like to ask your advice for some disk setup, or modification.Is there some cheap solution to improve the system, ( maybe to buy or replace hdd-s or ssd-s).

      My config was this : C: OCZ revodrive X2 160GB ( OS)

                                      D: 240Gb Corsair Force 3 (Media cache, previews, pagefile)

                                      E : 2*1TB Samsung 7200 RAID 0 ( Project files )

                                      F : 2,5 TB WD Green (Export )

      My revodrive too slow now (under 200Mb/s , tested with HD Tune).The retailer recommended a clean install before I send back the item.So maybe they change this product, maybe I can choose another type of SSD.In this case what is a good choise?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Personally I would replace your D: drive with a small 7200 rpm drive as you do not want to be using a SSD for heavy writing tasks.  Then I would get the green drive out of the editing path and use it for backup/archiving only.  Since you have a RAID 0 array for your project files, exporting to a single green drive will be much slower that exporting to your RAID array.  Now if you can configure another RAID 0 that would be ideal for the exports

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            Dvico Level 1

            If I would replace my 240Gb SSD to a 7200rpm HDD this will not be much slower like before?I thoght that media cache drive must be a fast drive.This Corsair HD tune test show around 300Mb/s average speed.And If I take out the corsair, where can I use?

            I agree with you about the export drive.


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              RjL190365 Level 4

              Here's the deal:


              While SSDs are fast, they also have limited rewrite life. And when an SSD is used as a media cache dribe, it can use up its entire rewrite life cycle in only a few weeks to a few months of use! This is because media cache requires repeated rewrites to a disk.

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                Dvico Level 1

                I see!

                In this case what if I put the corsair for an export drive? I render large files only a few time/month.

                And I would buy another  2 * 7200rpm hdd RAID0 for media cache?  But I m afraid there is no more free sata port on my Asus P9X79 pro. In this case a RAID controller will be necessery?